Help farmers enjoy an evening of laughter

We all recognize the stress of farming recently. You will see in the news so many different articles on stress, depression, suicidal thoughts with no energy to work for the farming community. According to John Shutske, a professor and UW-Madison Extension agricultural safety and health specialist. “Chronic stress – the type that farmers experience as a result of poor market prices, government policies and bad weather – creates changes in the brain, said such constant stress often leads to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, infection, depression and/or increased susceptibility to injuries because a person is distracted while working. Chronic stress also can lead to sleep deprivation.” 

The SP FFA Alumni and Supporters felt an evening of laughter is long overdue. Therefore, we are bringing a comedian to town for everyone to enjoy. Tim the Dairy Farmer from Florida will be entertaining us on Saturday, Jan. 18, 2020 at the River Arts Theater at 7:00 p.m. Tickets will be sold at $20 per person until the theater is sold out. Tickets can be purchased through Lindsey Giese at RAC on Water Street via cash, check or credit card. We will be featuring a program called “Nominate a Farmer” and rolling out the fun with that for the evening. There will be free refreshments and snacks reception before the show compliments of the FFA Alumni and Supporters.  

Tim the Dairy Farmer comes from Florida and can’t wait to visit the “Wisconsin Tundra.” Our group is also sponsoring “Nominate a Farmer” and anyone nominated will be invited 1/2 hour early to attend a free pre-show food and beverage visit time.  Our profits from this fundraiser will also be used toward gifts for the “nominated farmers” in way of local gift cards.  So any business who wants to donate gift cards or purchase a quantity of tickets for us to distribute free to nominated farmers would be very much appreciated. The form to nominate a farmer can be found at  We love our farming community and we must support them during difficult times as they are at Mother Nature’s mercy!  We need food and clothing and without farmers we have neither one.   We have attached the poster with info and a copy of the letter than went to sponsors.  Hopefully you can pull together an article which we deeply appreciate since we are a non-profit organization.  

We are a non-profit called Sauk Prairie FFA Alumni and we support ag education at Sauk Prairie with Troy Talford and Sally Ladsten as our ag teachers and FFA Advisors.  There is only one show at 7 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 18  so once the 390 seats are sold that will be it.

Contact Kathy with questions at 643-2223.


Yours truly,

Kathy Hartmann-Breunig, Treasurer

Sauk Prairie FFA Alumni

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